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Tom Fulp forced to close Newgrounds

2009-09-09 03:36:32 by ViktimStudios

On Sunday the 6th of September, Egoraptor, a respected flash artist and Newgrounds moderator, had his account compromised by members of the Duck Division. According to my resources the cyber terrorists involved were Crebz, Splickz and Fatum.

Chris Beer or Crebz, the Duck Division leader, used Egoraptors moderator abilities to completely empty the art portal and place highly pornographic images on the Newgrounds front page.

A mother from San Fransisco is suing the Newgrounds staff for being responsible for allowing these hugely offensive and unsuitable images on the front page of a site her thirteen year old son visits on a daily basis.

Article on the Duck Division
The compromised account
DD leaders current account
Another DD members account

This is an actual screenshot of what was placed on the front page of Newgrounds...

Tom Fulp forced to close Newgrounds